I'm a self-help author – how and why you should forgive yourself if you struggle with your New Year's Resolution

CHANGE is hard, and the pressure to make a New Year’s resolution stick isn’t exactly helpful. 

If you are struggling with your “New year, new you” promise, here are some tips on how to stay the course – and why you shouldn't beat yourself up if you stumble in the process.  

Shuter, best-selling self-help author of The Four-Word Answer, said people put all this pressure on themselves, and when they don’t live up to their set expectations, they should forgive themselves instead of getting frustrated.

In his book, Shuter delves into why forgiveness is the best resolution you can make for yourself because if you can “change your relationship with the past it will change your relationship with the future.” 

The author explained that dealing with slip-ups is part of learning, and a misstep shouldn’t be the end of the journey to betterment.

“A bright tomorrow requires that you deal with the dark wounds from yesterday, and in fact, the only thing a bad past is good for is preparing to have a great tomorrow,” Shuter continued.  

The author added: “The mistake people make is thinking they give up because they are lazy. You are not lazy you are scared. Change is scary. 

"On your journey to change, you need to be kind to yourself, like Jennifer Lopez!” 

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Shuter, who has previously worked with some of the biggest stars in the world, including Jennifer Lopez, P. Diddy, Alicia Keys, Jessica Simpson, and more, wrote the Four Word Answer with exclusive insights into why the celebrities he’s worked with are so wildly successful. 

When it comes to JLo, Shuter told The Sun: “Kindness is the secret to success! Every single successful person I have ever met is kind enough to themselves to be comfortable in their own skin. I have seen firsthand that no one is kinder to themselves than Jennifer Lopez.  

“Nothing is kinder than accepting yourself. Jennifer doesn’t say cruel things to herself. That voice telling us that we are ‘not good enough’ –  it has to be silenced.”  


Shuter added, "Jennifer believes that if they can’t be kind, they have to go! You are not broken—but the way you have been thinking about yourself is.”  

The author explained to The Sun, The 4 Word Answer is a mindset.  

“Every super-successful person I have ever met could describe themselves in just a few simple words. Entire marketing, branding, and PR departments’ only job are to figure this out and then promote it. It was the most important question you will ever ask: ‘Who am I?’”  

“Only those comfortable enough in their own skin know the answer. And only those who know the answer will be successful. I’m going to help you discover who you are in just 4 words.” Shuter added. 

Rob released his book in September of 2021 and it can be found in retailers and on Amazon.

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