I’m a pro stylist and these four shopping habits are making you broke, avoid these money-making traps to save hundreds | The Sun

A PRO stylist has revealed the mistakes people make that leave them “poor” when shopping for new clothes or items. 

Known as Fashion Mom on social media, the blonde beauty told viewers that she speaks from experience as she was once a chronic shopper with habits that put a dent in her wallet. 

“But look, we’re working on it and that’s why you’ve got to start using these four tips that I’m pretty much living by,” she explained. 

The first trap people fall into, according to her, is buying more to save more. 

“Do not get sucked in, b***h that is such a scam. They know what they’re doing,” she shared. "You're buying a bunch of stuff you don't need because you wanna get the deal. 

“But really you're just spending more. It's a waste of money." 

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She then drew attention to the detrimental impact of fast fashion as she told people: “You have a bunch of s**t that you do not value at all. You're just wasting money." 

Instead, Fashion Mom urged viewers to invest in quality pieces that resonate with personal style. 

It means you will build up a wardrobe that reflects your personality while minimising the financial costs. 

However, she said you don’t have to stop going to fast fashion stores, but rather limit how much you shop in them. 

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TikTok user @stylehard went on to warn people over getting the store credit card in order to get a deal. 

"Usually in these cases, you're buying more to take advantage of that discount. And more often than not, you're buying stuff that you don't really want and you definitely don't need,” she shared. 

By making intentional choices aligned with our genuine needs, we can avoid the common pitfalls associated with impulsive buying.

Fashion Mom also exposed the illusion of free shipping incentives, questioning whether the added expense is truly worthwhile. 

She asked: "Is it really worth it when it's something that you definitely would not have been buying if you weren't trying to get that free shipping?"

“Shopping Habits Keeping you POOR!” she added in the caption. 

People flocked to the comments section as one person wrote: “I use to be a chronic fast fashion shopper thinking it was saving me money but now I’ve learned quality will last much longer and fit better!!” 

Fashion Mom replied: “I was like this as well! Years ago! I rarely shop fast fashion. Very seldom.” 

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Another said: “my number 1 shopping rule is only buy it if you love it! this rule has stop me from buying bc of deals or shipping”. 

While a third added: “My new rule is to avoid online shopping & shop in person.”

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