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WITH Christmas just over a week and a half away, many of us are frantically trying to finish our shopping and get on with the dreaded task of wrapping. 

But luckily one mum-of-two has shared what she’s bought for her kids to help those that might be struggling with ideas. 

Evangeline, known online as @evangelineolualu, regularly shares parenting tips with her 233,000 TikTok followers. 

In a recent video, the 22-year-old shares what she’s bought to give to her two daughters, Elaia and Noelle, on Christmas morning in their stockings. 

“I’ve not gone crazy because they have got quite a lot for Christmas in general, so I thought I would just do cute little bits in their stocking for them to wake up to in the morning. 

“I am going to put these in their bedroom, that’s why I got little pink ones. It says ‘Special Delivery for Elaia' and Noelle’s is the same with her name on it. 


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“I just thought these went so cute with their room. 

“So I will start off with Elaia’s first. First off, I got her this little Starbucks cup, that says ‘mini’ on it.

"We love to make drinks together, so I’ve gone one that says ‘Mama’ and of course, ‘mini’. I think she’s going to love that.

“I then got her this pink spotty recorder. I just thought it was cute. 

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“And then I got her this big chocolate Santa because I feel like you’ve got to have some kind of chocolate in your stocking. It’s just the rules of Christmas. 

“I then got her this little tub of fluffy kinetic sand, I feel like that’s just a cute little stocking filler. 

“And then she’s going to really, really like this. I don’t know if anyone else’s toddlers are obsessed with Snowman and Snowdog, but Elaia absolutely loves it, so it’s just a little mug and comes with some hot chocolate. 

“We can either have this in the morning when we’re opening presents or in the night after Christmas day’s finished and everyone’s tired. 

“Then I have, last but not least, these Lush bath bombs. So I’ve got a pink Snow Fairy bath bomb, and a Snow Fairy bubble bath. 

“Both the girls will play with these, especially the Bubble Bar one as you can blow bubbles through it which is dead cool.

“That’s the last thing I got in there for Elaia. I didn’t want to go overboard like I said and she loves bath bombs. 

“Now onto Noelle’s. I also got Noelle a mini cup because we all have to have one, of course. 

“She has some little Chocolate snowmen in there because Elaia got the big Father Christmas but obviously I didn’t want to get that for Noelle, she’s a bit too small. 

“So I got some little chocolates for her in there. 

“Then she has some teeth squares from Piccolo. I think those are just banana-blueberry flavour.  

“She then has these little baby maracas. I can’t cope, they are so sweet. I’m actually obsessed. 

“And she also has these high chair fidget spinner toys. She’s played with these before and loves them. 

“I also got her these fake tissues and they make crinkly sounds. She loves anything like this, so she’s going to absolutely love these. 

“And last but not least, she’s got a Matchstick Monkey Teether. 

“And that is everything in their stockings. I’m also going to do them a nice bubble bath on Christmas eve, so I got them this stocking bath bomb thing and also this bubble crab. 

“I was going to give them this on Christmas Day, but I thought they’d enjoy it the night before and it’s a really sweet present as well.” 

Fans loved Evagenline’s present ideas, with the video gaining more than 8,700 likes and 108,000 views. 

In the comments, other parents raved about her choices, with one writing: “This is so cute and thoughtful.” 

Another said: “Best mummy on TikTok.”

A third added: “I love this!!! Makes me so excited to have this at Christmas next year.”

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Although some questioned the mini Starbucks cup, with one follower writing: “A Starbucks cup for a 2-year-old.” 

Someone else added: “I used to get oranges and apples in mine.”

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