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IF you’ve spotted unwanted moss growing in between your patio tiles, you’ll no doubt want to know how to banish it for good.

Now, a gardening expert has answered your prayers, as they’ve revealed exactly that – and the secret weapon is already sitting in your kitchen cupboard.

According to a green-fingered expert who spoke to Express.co.uk, white vinegar – which costs as little as £2 – is the key to removing moss from your garden. 

What’s more, the process will only take “about an hour” and promises to eliminate stubborn moss, as well as weeds.

The expert from Harwood’s Garden Supplies explained: “Vinegar is a relatively cheap and easy method to remove moss from pavers.”

Opening up about why it’s so effective, they continued: “The acetic acid in the vinegar can kill the moss on your pavers.”

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They continue that to see the best and quickest results, you should opt for a white vinegar with a solution of around five percent, while a six percent solution will be much more “potent”.

The method is then extremely simple, as you can choose to either dilute the solution with some water, or place directly onto the moss. 

To work out which is best, you can spot test a tiny part of your patio and see which achieves the better results.

Once that is established, the experts say: “After pouring the vinegar, let it sit for about an hour.”

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Then grab a brush to scrub the moss away from the paving stones, or for larger patches, try digging it out with a shovel. 

After the moss has been removed, use a bucket or bowl of water to rinse away any excess moss that has snuck through. 

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A garden hose or pressure washer will also work well and help to wash away the moss quicker. 

Once the final step has been completed, you’ll see that the patio is moss free and you can repeat whenever necessary. 

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