I’m a former waiter who served the hottest celebrities – here’s what I thought of each one, from Natalie Portman to J-Lo

FANS LOVE hearing insider stories about their favorite celebrities – and now they have some more to relish.

A former waiter revealed his supposed celebrity interactions at work and shared what he thought of each person.

“In honor of quitting my serving job, here’s some stories of celebrities I’ve waited on in the past,” the former waiter stated in a video shared to his popular TikTok page, @ulyandernesto. 

His first story was a witty, yet silly conversation he claimed he had with Friends actress Lisa Kudrow.

“I walked up to her table and I was like: ‘Can I get you started with any beverages?’ and she was like: ‘I’ll take a valium,’” he recalled.

“And without missing a beat I was like: ‘Oh I’m so sorry, we ran out of those.’

“‘It’s been a very popular item.’”

He added that she chuckled and then rhetorically asked viewers if they have ever made Lisa Kudrow laugh before.

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Next, he told a story about pushing Entourage star Jeremy Piven’s buttons.

“In my nine years of serving, no one has looked at me like they wanted to murder me more than this guy,” the TikToker claimed. 

“I walked up to him and was like: ‘Is someone being a little grumpapotapus today?’

“He didn’t like that,” he smirked.

The man then told the story of how he had his dreams crushed while working when Natalie Portman was dining at his restaurant.  

“So I was just coming onto my shift when I heard Natalie Portman was there and she gets up from her table and she looks at me and then I look at her,” he began.

“And then she smiles at me and then I smile at her.

“And then she starts walking toward me and then she steps right in front of me and she starts to lean in and then I start to lean in.

“And then my coworker Meghan steps in front of us and is like: ‘Hi, did you need any help?’ and Natalie was like: ‘Which way to the restroom?’

“That was supposed to be me!” he yelled with a great sense of disappointment.

The TikToker shared his supposed celebrity run-in stories across multiple videos. 

In another, he claimed he waited on singer Ciara and called her “the sweetest person” he ever met.

He also served Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, who were formerly engaged.

He called J-Lo “flawless in every way,” but admitted he had no idea who A-Rod was and jokingly mispronounced his name.

The TikToker’s videos racked up more than 2 million views, and his comments were flooded with amused comments. 

“Making Lisa Kudrow laugh is a resume-worthy achievement,” one impressed person wrote.

“I would literally never forgive someone if they got in between me and Natalie Portman,” another stated.

“So, basically you’re a famous comedian now,” a third user commented.

The TikToker did not respond to comments under his video asking where he previously worked.

The Sun has reached out to the respective celebrities’ representatives for comment.

Jeremy's publicists declined to comment.

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