I’m a fashion whizz, these are the best necklines if you have big boobs – and why you need to be careful with your bra | The Sun

FINDING flattering outfits is easier said than done when you've got big boobs.

But that's only half of the battle, having the right neckline can make or break your look.

According to fashion whizz Anita, there are some necklines that you should always be on the hunt for if you've got a big bust.


If you love your bustiness and want to show it off a v-neck is always going to add a bit of drama to any look.

Anita joked: "The deepness of the cut will purely depend on your intentions girls."

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The neckline is great for elongating shorter frames too, so can work well if you have a petite frame but larger bust.

Square neck

The square neckline is bang on trend right now and doesn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

"It really looks cool on you and it gathers [your boobs] together," the fashionista explained.

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But there is a downside, "It's very hard to get the right bra for this cut," Anita revealed.

Heart-shaped neck

This is the "best option" according to the fashion whizz, especially if you want to show off your boobs in a more classy way.

This neckline is very similar to the square neck with on major difference.

You can spot a heart-shaped neckline by the dip in the middle of the top, and whilst square necklines are more angular, this option has a more gradual sloping look.

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