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A CLEANING pro has revealed the best way to banish those stubborn black spots on your patio for 20p.

Stubborn spots can be difficult to get off with a simple scrub, but you don't have to fork out money for expensive cleaning products with this savvy hack.

It's worth checking the dark discolouration is just dirt by removing it with a scrubber.

However, if it doesn't come off, it could be black lichen, also known as black spot.

Lichen thrives on stone surfaces in dark damp conditions so it's common to see in the UK.

It is a combination of three types of organism: algae, fungi and bacteria. It is unsightly, can make surfaces slippery and is often tough to get rid of according to Cleenly.


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But of course, cleaning fans of Mrs Hinch have found an easy and cheap cleaning hack to banish it for good.

Taking to Facebook, one woman sick of seeing the ugly spots on her patio asked for help.

She wrote: "Hi, can anyone recommend what to use to get these black spots off my patio? 

“Have jet washed it before although it does need doing again, but they didn’t come off. Thank you.”

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Although pressure washing will kill the organism causing the black spots, it's unlikely to remove the discolouration.

So cleaning fans have shared how to get your patio looking its best again by using laundry detergent.

One suggested: "Sprinkle with washing powder in the rain. Works like magic. If doesn’t rain you have to brush with water.”

"Cheap bio washing powder. Sprinkle it on and leave for a couple of days, then wash it off and the stubborn black spots will be gone," another recommended.

A third agreed: "Sprinkle washing powder over it and use a yard brush and a little bit of water – that should work.”

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Bio washing powder. Leave on overnight. Hose off the next day. Works great and kills weeds.”

You can buy 1.25kg of washing powder from Sainsbury's for just £3.

Using a small amount of washing powder to rub into the affected areas will cost just 20p using 80 grams each time.

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