I'm a busy mum – my savvy hack for sneaking veg into my kids food – and it involves no prep | The Sun

A MUM has shared the super clever hack she uses to sneak vegetables into her kids food, plus is barely required any prep.

The mum of two claims her hack is hassle free and is perfect for pasta and pie recipes.

Holly shared her hack in a TikTok video online claiming it was ideal for busy mums with kids who don't like eating vegetables.

She said: “For those kiddos that won't eat veggies and those mums who ain’t got time to prep!!

“I think one of my greatest mum hacks whether I invented it or not I’m gonna claim that I have.”

The mum of two explains she piles up all her leftover vegetables that she doesn't use through the week.

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She said: “Is that every so often I will buy a head of veggies like carrot, broccoli spinach, zucchini you name it.”

Then she puts them in a blender or food processor so that they are fine like a paste.

Holly said: “I just get them all and put them all in through a blender so that they’re super fine.”

“Then I just put them in bags and freeze them.”

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When Holly wants to add vegetables to a dish she digs them out of the freezer and simply adds them to the dish she is cooking.

“Then when I am making something like Shepherds pie or Bolognese – I just put a heap of them in ready to go.”


This way Holly doesn't need to worry about prepping the veg or defrosting them.

She said: “I don't have to do any prep. I literally do the mince… I do the veggies – boom that's it.

“So if you children are like my children and never eat any vegetables that they can see. It's perfect because they're so fine that they don't even notice.”

Holly said she gets the added piece of mind of knowing that her kids are getting some of their five a day.

She said: “I don't care how much pasta that they eat because my bolognese is so healthy and so full of vegetables.”

Holly’s mum hack racked up 131,000 views online and people said it was a game changer.

One user said: “I do this for myself as a 20 year old

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Another said: “my mum does this with us and now I do it with my son…works really well.”

“This is genius,” claimed a third.

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