I'm a 27-year-old mum-of-four and my man is 53, people say he looks like my grandad but I don't care | The Sun

A 27-YEAR-OLD mum-of-four has hit back at critics who say her 53-year-old partner looks old enough to be her grandad. 

Josie Wittman, who shares videos about her family’s life on TikTok and Instagram, recently uploaded a video highlighting the age gap in her relationship – and telling trolls that their comments are unoriginal. 

Josie, whose TikTok account is called @mrsjosiewittman, shared a short clip of her and her partner holding hands.

Then text begins to flash up on the screen, as the couple both introduce themselves and their age.

Josie then wrote: “7 years together and counting” as they were seen laughing and joking.

She captioned the post: “#wifelife #agegaprelationship #agegapcouple #agegapmarriage.” 

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However, shortly after the video was posted, Josie was met with some cruel comments by some social media users.

One wrote: “Do you always dance with your gramps?”

Another added: “Your grandpa is really cute” alongside a crying laughing emoji.

But Josie hit back and said that their observations weren’t anything new and she couldn’t care less what they thought about her marriage.

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Directly responding to one of the comments referring to her man as a grandad, she wrote: “Way to be original bro”.

The mum has previously opened up about how people have negative things to say about their age gap but that it doesn’t bother either of them.

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In another video, Josie said that people often say: “Ewww he looks old enough to be your dad.” 

But the pair showed what they thought about that, kissing and then swearing at the camera as they laughed.

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