I work in a car dealership and annoying customers are rude to me daily – one man even commented on my weight

A WOMAN who works in a car dealership has revealed that she is constantly insulted by the men she works with and they never knock when she is using the bathroom.

Bridget said she tries not to take the men seriously, as oftentimes they don't even realise they are insulting her.

Taking to her TikTok account, Briget told how one customer she was talking to told her she needed to put on weight.

Posting under the domain @bridgetnw she captioned the video: "He REALLY thought he was throwing compliments."

Briget said: "S*** Men say. On today's episode of the things, I hear from the men at work. I work in a car dealership and there was a customer walking around and I asked him how he was the normal customer service things."

"So someone that I work with knew the guy and told him he should try some bundt cake, and I said it's really good."


The man refused and when Briget was walking away she joked that there was more cake for her, and the customer made a comment about her weight.

"The customer was like 'oh ya, you should go eat some more of that cake, you should get more because you could use a few pounds'" Briget said.

"I said 'let me ask you a qiuestion' and I genuinely wanted to know his answer. Would you also tell me not to eat another plate of cake if I needed to lost a couple of pounds" she added.

The customer was so surprised by her reaction and thinking she was confused said "No no you, you could USE a couple of pounds."

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Bridget said "The point being, telling someone that they need to gain a couple of pounds, could, and IS the same as you telling them that they need to lose a couple of pounds."

The other issue the woman faces in the workplace is the way the men she works with never think to knock when entering the bathroom, thus making them frequently walk in on her.

"I work in a public place with public restrooms, so I can't tell you how many times I have seen people go to the bathroom, and if the door is locked, they don't knock, they don't check to see if the light is on or listen to see if anyone is in there" said Bridget.

"They go straight for the door handle. So just now, I run inside real quick and I see this guy outside of the men's restroom, trying the handle and when the guy in there tried to get out, the guy who was trying to get in the bathroom was already in" she added.

Bridget said that the same thing constantly happens to her, with nobody checking to see if she is in the loo.

"I cannot tell you how many times I have come out of the bathroom to find somebody standing literally right there. Back up please. It's just so weird."

The post has been viewed 12.5k times and TikTok users have been quick to comment.

"Are you just starting to realize that people are stupid?" commented one person.

Another added: "f***ing HATE people who just grab the handle 1st!"

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