I won over £23 million in the lottery but it's not all fun and games, yeah it helps financially but there's a dark side | The Sun

A MAN who won the lottery has revealed that being thrust into the 1% comes with its downfalls.

Timothy Schultz, went from rags to riches in 1999 after he won a $29million Powerball jackpot.

Now, the podcast host and YouTuber has revealed the dark side to coming into millions in a blink of an eye.

Over on his podcast, Timothy regularly interviews other lottery winners on their life after claiming their winnings.

There is no deny that winning the lottery is "one of the most potentially life-altering things that can happen," he told Fox News back in November last year.

“One minute you have one life,” and the next “your world is turned on its head,” he said.



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However, he recently revealed that while the 'euphoria' of winning is very real, it does eventually subside, leading him and other winners to realise the cash 'doesn't change who you are as a person.'

Although the lucky lottery winner admits it does of course help financially, it also comes with it's down sides.

The former gas station employee revealed he found it much more difficult to trust people after winning over £23million, reports the Independent.

“Most people were supportive and happy for me, but I did receive stacks of letters from people asking for money,” he revealed, adding that it was difficult for him to trust “new people” because he worried they wanted him for “the wrong reasons”.

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He added: “It felt like some people viewed me as a walking, talking ATM machine.”

As for things money can't change, Timothy revealed it can't fix bad health.

"Our health should not ever be taken for granted. Money can certainly help, but it can’t fix everything," he added.

But one particular common theme he noticed with all lottery winners was that it had an impact on their personalities and special interests.

He claimed winning millions could 'magnify personalities.'

"For example, if you are into the church, you may decide to build one,” he said. “If you’re into movies, you may decide to produce a film. If you enjoy fishing, that may become a full-time hobby.

“People often become larger versions of themselves.”

And if you ever do find yourself in Timothy's shoes, then he has one piece of advice for you.

'Live within your means,' he urged those who will luck out on a big win to prevent yourself from going bankrupt as many do.



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Here, we look at the 'cursed' lottery winners who have been left bankrupt, left by loved ones and even jailed.

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