I was called Chewbacca by school bullies after medical condition meant I had to shave my entire body at eight-years-old

A WOMAN has revealed how she was bullied by cruel kids in school because of her excessive hair growth, caused by a medical condition.

Samantha Allen, 28, from New York, was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) at a young age as well as Hirsutism (excessive hair growth).

She recalled how childhood bullies would call her 'Chewbacca' after the character from Star Wars.

Samantha started shaving her legs at eight, and by the time she had reached 11,she was growing hair on other areas of her body including her face.

PCOS is a condition some women get which affects how the ovaries work. It causes the ovaries to become larger than they should be and to develop cysts around the ovaries.

The condition affects around one in ten women of childbearing age, and symptoms of the condition include; "irregular periods, weight gain, hair loss, oily skin, and acne."

Samantha said: "I was bullied throughout middle and high school.

"I didn’t even know half the people bullying me and I was certain I didn’t know them.

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"However, once it started more and more people started getting in on it, including close family members."

In addition to excessive hair growth, Samantha also struggled with weight gain caused by PCOS.

Eventually, this led to her experiencing multiple organ failures and ended up with her in the emergency room.

The incident proved Sam’s wake-up call and she started visiting bariatric surgeons to consult them for weight loss surgery immediately.

Samantha added: "When you’re overweight, everyone always subconsciously comments on it also.

"I always had people try to tell me how to lose weight effectively, what medications I should be using for PCOS because their sister/cousin/best friends mom/whoever has it also.

"Even though PCOS is different in each woman including their symptoms and what does or doesn't work for their body."

Samantha had weight loss surgery in August 2019, and two years on is now expecting her first baby.

She said she was very surprised and worried as with PCOS it can be incredibly difficult to conceive but says she has had an idyllic pregnancy.

Samantha has shared her journey on Instagram and found support in a community of women sharing their experiences of PCOS.

"At first I had consulted a specialist and asked a million questions.

"But I am not in the pre-labour stage of this pregnancy with no complications and could not be happier." She exclaimed.

Despite this, Samantha still has trolls comment on her Instagram; " I have people leave hateful comments on my pictures or leave the puke emoji upon seeing pictures of my body hair.

"I do not let it bother me as I often get private messages from women sharing their own stories of PCOS.

"I have had many women claim I am brave and seeing my pictures and story out there helps them in their journey as well."

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