I was a self-made millionaire at ELEVEN and loved flashing my £10k Rolex – now I’m 14 & the amount I make will stun you | The Sun

CAST your mind back to when you were 11 – chances are, your biggest concerns were making it home from school in time for your favourite shows and what chocolate bar you'd buy from the corner shop that day.

But for Truth Jones, life couldn't be any different.

When he was eight years old, Truth, from Atlanta, wrote his first book "The Win Within".

Speaking to Truly, the teen millionaire explained: "It's about three things – faith, family and football."

Amazingly, the primary school student and his mum managed to get his book published and Truth claims he made $5k [£4,115] in sales in just 90 days.

And while most kids would happily spend this cash on toys or games, Truth decided to save it for something special.

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The following year, the then-nine-year-old became interested in the stock market.

His mum Janel explained: "I thought he was a little too young to get the concepts.

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"However, he came back to me and started speaking the terminology and the jargon that they speak in the stock market.

"He asked me if he could open his broker account and from that moment, I knew he was serious."

Truth claimed: "I started off with $3,000 [£2.500] and in three years, I'd turned that into $1m."

As a result, the 14-year-old now has his own business called The Truth Speaks where he teaches other people how to begin investing in the stock market.

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True claims he earns $100k-a-month as an investor, motivational speaker and author.

So naturally, the teen lives a more lavish lifestyle than most kids his age.

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At just 14, True has bought a house with its own cinema and gym room and is now looking to buy an apartment he can rent out on AirBnB for "passive income".

What's more, the teen also has a taste for luxury watches and has bought himself Rolex which set him back a cool $12k [£9,300] along with a $18k diamond-encrusted Cartier.

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