I used to work in Topshop & I always had to call out customers for the same thing – they were totally shameless

A MAN who used to work in Topshop has recalled some of the "audacious" attempts by customers to return worn clothing.

Luis Elkes, who is now a presenter and comedian, worked at the clothing store for five years before leaving.

And in a series of videos on his TikTok page, he's revealed some of his most memorable moments, beginning with a woman who tried to return a pair of jeans she insisted were "unworn".

"There was this one day I was doing a return for a woman and I said to her, ‘Oh darling, is there anything wrong with the jeans you’re returning?’" he began.

"And she went, ‘No babe, I haven’t even tried them on.’ So I pulled them out and they’re inside out, so instantly I thought, ‘lying b**ch, I’ve got your number’.

"As I pulled the jeans out and turned them inside out, her dirty knickers fell on my feet."

Admitting he "didn't know what to do", Luis added that he then "calmed down", got a hanger and scooped up the underwear to give back to the woman.

As he did so, he told her, "I won’t be doing your return today darling".

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"I can tell you, she weren’t happy!" he laughed.

Another similar incident saw a woman try to get a refund for a dress she also claimed she hadn't worn.

When asked if there was anything wrong with the dress, the woman said there wasn't.

"So I got it out the bag and it stank, stank of smoke," Luis continued. "I was like, ‘Yeah, nothing wrong, absolutely sure?’ She said, ‘Yeah not a problem hun.’"

At that point Luis' friend, who was working on the till next to him, explained that he knew the girl and had seen her out at the weekend wearing the dress she was trying to return.

"I was like, ‘Babe, get the iPad.’ So my friend went and got the iPad, looked up her Facebook profile and her new profile picture was wearing the dress she was trying to return – the audacity!

"So I took the iPad and said, ‘Can you explain this for me?’ And I showed her her own profile picture, silly cow! Don’t try and mug me off darling."

Luis concluded by saying that while the customer "wasn't best pleased", he was "utterly thrilled with myself".

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