I have an 11-week old baby and these are the seven tricks I swear by to help him sleep 12 hours a night

MANY parents find it tricky to get their babies to sleep through the night, but one mum claims to have found the solution. 

TikTok user Caitlin Jayne shared her seven steps to getting her 11-week-old son to sleep for 11 or 12 hours every single night. 

The mum, who posts under @caitsjayne4, said it is key to give your baby an evening bath and put them into pyjamas. 

Next you need to get them ready for their evening bottle, and she gives her son a 6oz one. 

She then combs his hair and swaddles him for bed at 7.45pm, putting on a white noise machine in the background.

Caitlin added: “Would usually give him a dream feed at 10 but he wasn’t fussed tonight.

“Sleeps through to 7am or 8am.”

She continued that she knows that she is “definitely blessed” and every baby is different. 

Caitlin wrote: “Just because my baby sleeps through doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong.

“This may give you a few new ideas to try.”

The mum said the best thing about her baby’s routine is that it means she can enjoy a peaceful bath after he has gone to sleep.

Many people praised her tips, with one saying: “Well done mummy.”

Another added: “So adorable.”

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