I have a 15-acre farm – my go-to weed killer works for a whole year, it'll change your life | The Sun

A FARMER has shared the weed killer product that has changed her life.

She said it works for a whole year on her 15-acre farm.

Holly (@hopewithholly) shared the tip in a video with over 62,000 TikTok followers.

"I don't know how many country people follow me but I'm gonna tell you what I use to kill those dang weeds…because I have a 15-acre farm that I use as a fish farm and as an event venue," she said.

She showed off her tree-lined driveway, free of weeds: "I've got the best stuff," she said.

"I used this stuff last year and when you spray this down, it kills that grass anywhere from six to twelve months.

"It's a little expensive but you only have to do it once a year and it does the best job," she added.

She held up the magic weed killer: The RM 43.

"I use a big five-gallon sprayer and I'm so happy I only have to do this once or twice, so go ahead and get this, it will change your life," she said.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts.

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"Yep it works!" said one commenter.

"I have been using this for 3 yrs, this stuff works," said another.

"Love it!! I use it too, total game changer," said a third.

"It's the best product," agreed one farmer.

"Be careful cause it can kill large trees!" warned one gardener. "It's a ground sterilant!"

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