I found a cute corset Halloween costume on PLT but it squished my 30J boobs, and that wasn't my only concern | The Sun

A FASHIONISTA with a 30J bra size has dedicated herself to finding perfect fits for fuller chested women just in time for Halloween.

She modeled a corset, which she described as cute, albeit a bit "squishy."

Lara Miller Rosenthal (@bigb00biebible) filmed herself trying on the corset in a video on TikTok.

She solved an age-old issue with Halloween costume — getting the most wear out of pieces that are typically worn once a year at most.

"I've just found you a Halloween costume that you don't just have to wear once and you'll be able to re-wear," she said.

"I've just picked this up from PLT and I am getting mummy vibes. Like, you know, when you kind of wrap yourself in toilet paper," she added, referring to a popular DIY mummy costume technique.

She said she is wearing a UK size eight (US size four), but could go up a size due to the construction of the garment.

"It doesn't really matter because they are elasticated," she said. "They will just fit to your shape."

She also asked viewers for some advice on how to wear the top without encountering any wardrobe malfunctions.

"I don't know if I'd have to wear some nipple covers or something like that and also, I am a bit squished," she said.

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"Let's not lie here. I am fully compressed and squished, but I had to get a size eight, because I needed something to hold me in.

"If I got anything bigger, it would have been too big. I wouldn't have had the support. I'm not wearing a bra with this one, which is great because I do really feel locked in there," she added.

She shared that the corset gave her girls enough support not to bounce around, making it a functional top for many occasions besides the spooky season.

"I think it's absolutely perfect for autumn, winter, and for Halloween," she added.

The video drew in other fashionistas who weighed in on the corset top in the comment section.

"I don't think it's see-through, but I get what you mean and in that case it couldn't hurt wearing covers so you don't worry about it," one wrote.

"I don’t think it’s see-through," another added.

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