I deleted a guy who sent me a grim d**k pic… a couple of weeks later I realised he was my friend’s husband

IF you're in a relationship or simply have chosen to meet your loved one in an organic way and not via dating apps, consider yourself lucky.

Online dating can be fun and the possibilities are endless – your future partner could be one swipe away!

That's exactly what happened to this woman – well, almost.

The cool TikTok mum, @themanicuredmom, Tammy, is in a relationship now, but she definitely has a few experiences to share of her single days.

''Worst online match ever'' is a story Tammy's told already but, according to her, it's so traumatic it has to be shared again.


After matching with Dan online and having a very short message exchange – just two sentences – the man didn't waste any time and sent the boy mum a d**k pick – ''but not just any d**k pic,'' she adds.

''He was standing in front of a full-length mirror, wearing white socks and slides,'' and as if that wasn't bad enough, he was also completely naked with a thumbs-up.

Aghast at what she just had to see, Tammy instantly blocked Dan and unmatched with him.

She wished the story would've ended there – but it didn't.

According to her, two weeks later, she walked to pick up her child from school: ''And somebody that I know introduces to their husband.''

The husband was no other than d**k pic Dan.

Although we're not sure what the conversation between the three was, Tammy says the couple has since broken up.

''Those poor kids, that poor woman!''

''Don't go on a dating app and look for women within a few miles of your home, if you're married!'' she says.

Someone then quickly corrected her: '' Don't look if you're not single!''

''Yes! So many married men on dating apps!'' one wrote, with another TikToker adding: ''I don't use dating apps but I have heard from friends that use them that many married men in my area are on them!''

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