Heidi Klum’s Hair Makeover: Model Cuts Her Own Bangs While Wearing Lingerie — See Her Look Before & After

Heidi Klum just achieved the impossible: she cut her own bangs at home and did an amazing job! See the stunning before and after.

Heidi Klum just hit the part of quarantine where you cut your own bangs. But, unlike the rest of us sorry souls, the America’s Got Talent judge managed to do so flawlessly! Heidi documented the process on Instagram, explaining in a video that she was taking the risk simply because her husband, Tom Kaulitz, said his favorite hairstyle was “long hair with bangs.”




Well, she was halfway there already. Heidi, 47, started her March 25 video by brushing out her blonde locks in the mirror, lamenting that it just took her four months to grow out the bangs she had before. She apologizes to her hairstylists Wendy Iles and Lorenzo Martin before taking the plunge… with a facial hair remover?

The process don’t go smoothly. Heidi gets frustrated when she can’t find “real scissors,” but moves on with a razor. At one point she shrugs off her bathrobe when it gets in her way and does the rest of the video in black lingerie. She takes a snack break, too! “My husband better notice this when he gets home,” she says, laughing, as she almost cuts her eyelashes. “This is clearly not a how-to video.”

But in the end, she achieves her goal. “Voila, here are the bangs. This one’s for you, baby,” she says to the camera with a sly smile. Heidi looks incredible with or without bangs, no? Just days before snipping her hair, she walked the red carpet on the set of Germany’s Next Top Model with Tom and looked divine. She rocked a glittery gold mini dress as they danced in front of a step and repeat.

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