Hair stylist reveals how to get big, bouncy hair with LOO ROLL tubes

A HAIRSTYLIST has revealed to achieve perfect bouncy hair using LOO ROLL tubes from home. 

While you might think you need an expensive curling wand to achieve salon-worthy hair, think again. 

Hair expert Ozzie Rizzo, from London, shared how to get perfect lockdown hair, and says now is the perfect time to get creative at home with salons shut around the UK. 

The finished result looks highly impressive for any video calls or FaceTime dates, and all you need is around 10 toilet rolls and a number of hair clips. 

Firstly, wash your hair and comb through, and then dry with a paddle brush.

Then, apply a drop of smoothing cream or oil through your locks, and then part your hair into three to four inch sections. 


Hair dryer

Around 10 toilet rolls

Hair clips

Paddle brush

Wide tooth comb or soft brush

Hair smoothing cream or oil


Get your empty loo rolls and wrap the ends of your hair round the tube, rolling upwards towards your scalp. 

Secure each section with a hair pin, and ensure curls are rolled backwards away from your face. 

Once the whole head of hair is wrapped around loo rolls, you can then apply hairspray and use a hairdryer to apply heat to each roll for 10 seconds. 

Unclip and then unravel each roll slowly to reveal the curls. 

Ozzie said: “We know how frustrated our clients are that they can't maintain their luscious locks.

“And, while we are unable to get ready and go out to meet people, getting up in the mornings and getting dressed will help us to maintain a positive state of mind, and will ensure we're ready for any video calls and meetings. 

“Plus a little TLC for your hair at home is a great way to pass some time, and learn a new self-pampering skill.

“We are getting lots of requests for tips and advice on how to create an easy to create style at home, so we thought we'd help you all out with a step-by-step guide to create one of our most popular looks from your own home without the need to invest in rollers.”

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