Fuming mum thinks her moisturiser has gone mouldy, then gets a BIG shock when she cuts it open to investigate

A MUM has revealed her shock at opening her “mouldy” moisturiser bottle only to find the bottle full of chocolate cereal. 

Sian Rose discovered her two-year-old toddler had added the breakfast cereal inside without her realising. 

Sharing photos of the bottle to Facebook, she wrote: “*lockdown day one…. looking forward to this months shenanigans*

“So today I couldn't understand why there was brown bits coming out of the moisturiser.

“So I cut it open only to find 7 pieces of krave. You've got to love 2 year olds.”

The Kellogg Krave cereal has a melty chocolate and hazelnut filling inside a crunchy cereal shell, which explains why brown bits were coming out of her white moisturiser cream. 

Thankfully Sian completely saw the funny side of the incident, as did many other parents who could relate to what happened. 

One wrote on the Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas group: “Made my evening this.”

Another added: “Serious note tho any skin improvement.”

And a third commented: “My daughter put vinegar in my can of coke yesterday. She's 6.”

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