From swimming pools to diamond-studded Rolex's, Rich Kids of TikTok show wealthy lifestyles & you're bound to be jealous

LOVE them or loathe them – by now, you're probably VERY familiar with the Rich Kids of Instagram.

You know, the millionaire teens who spent lockdown isolating in private jets and designer face masks while the rest of us were cooped up at home.

But now there's a whole need breed of wealthy heirs and heiresses flaunting their luxury lifestyles on TikTok.

And where Instagram is all about posing for the perfect picture with their designer wardrobes and sports cars, TikTok is where they let loose.

Giving millions of users a glimpse inside their sprawling mansions, it's become a trend for these Rich Kids to show off their sports cars in quick succession.

Taking part in the "my best friend's rich" trend, TikTok star Chantel Jeffries gave her 1.3m followers a tour round her mate's extremely modern mansion.

But not before she sat behind the driver's wheel of his Aston Martin and Ferrari… obviously.

Once inside, Chantel's pal Austin was casually sitting at his grand piano in the middle of their marble foyer before moving on to the games room – complete with a pool table and vintage arcade games.

At the end of the clip, Chantel drives off into the sunset in a golf cart – because the estate is FAR too big to walk around.

Also using the #RichKidsofTikTok hashtag is a Budapest-based jeweller who has made a bespoke PINK Rolex which is dripping in diamonds.

Showing off their handiwork, the hot pink watch has a diamond-encrusted face and solid gold links which easily cost over £15,000.

Trying out the "my best friend's rich" tag, another showed off their mate's house which is gated off from the rest of the community and has the longest driveway we've ever seen.

And unsurprisingly, a house of this size also comes with it's own private pool with a waterfall installation and another games room.

Similarly, TikTok user Ash gave her 94,000 followers a look inside her family's at-home cinema… which let's just say, is a LOT fancier than our local Odeon.

Filming herself walking down the marble corridors, she said: "Everybody has that thing in their house that they think is so cool.

"It could a hidden cabinet or a little movie room – but ours is THIS."

The vintage-style cinema room looks like it's straight out of 1920s Hollywood with a red curtain draped across the screen and a granite bar tucked behind the seats.

In another clip, Ash filmed herself sitting behind the wheel of her Lamborghini as she parked next to her family's vintage Porsche, Ferrari and huge yellow limo.

Meanwhile, another Rich Kid proudly showed off the crystal chandelier in their foyer which cost a staggering £23m.

The eye-watering waterfall-effect installation starts at the ceiling and goes down into the floorboards.

Showing off the incredible chandelier, the TikTok user wrote: "$30,000,000 house chandelier check…"

And while shopping in Louis Vuitton is the stuff of our fantasies, another TikTok star admitted that he'd completely forgotten what he'd bought in the luxury label.

Ripping open the parcel, he said: "I actually don't remember what I bought from Louis Vuitton.

"What is it? OH it's a scarf."

Amazed how that was even possible, one user replied: "Imagine being that rich that you can't remember what you bought."

Another added: "That's how you know you're rich rich."

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