Fiorucci Resort 2022

Rodeo girls, cowboys and the Wild West all came together in this upbeat Fiorucci collection.

Inspired by the many Western references in the brand’s archives, women’s wear artistic director Evie Reddy dreamed up her very own Fiorucci motel and the characters who would inhabit it. There was a rodeo girl lounging by the pool in a swimsuit that matched the wallpaper, before changing into a vinyl miniskirt for a night out; a modern-day cowgirl in fringed denim, and a country singer sporting a skintight floral dress.

“This day-and-night motel offers a door into an unexpected utopia. We knew this world was unique, and so it had to showcase more than your average motel perks,” said Reddy, who added striped robes, eye masks and silk separates to the mix.

Fiorucci Resort 2022

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Denim continued to be a big focus, updated here with retro floral embroideries, horse motifs and Western-inspired appliqués.

It’s not for the faint of heart, but the label has carved a clear niche to good effect. Its new season fringes, horse motifs and chintzy florals will surely appeal to its trendy audience who love nothing more than a photogenic moment.

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