Fashion fans joke Zara jeans will ‘keep you fresh all day’ thanks to some VERY unfortunately placed rips in the crotch

SHOPPERS have mocked Zara’s new line of jeans – which have some unfortunate rips in the crotch. 

A woman, called Tamara, was browsing in her local store, when she came across the rack of distressed denim. 

The light blue trousers look suitably on-trend with strategic rips in each leg, but as Tamara pans up the jeans, she reveals the crotch is a little breezy.

The jeans, from the signature denim collection, have rips and holes all around the zipper – the one place you want full coverage. 

Rather than it being a one-off, the shocked shopper rifles through the rack – showing the same rips in each pair of trousers. 

Tamara shared a clip of the jeans to TikTok, which appear to cost £59.95, asking: “Zara what is this??”

More than 700,000 people have watched the clip, equally as baffled over the new style of trousers. 

Some joked in was in-built air conditioning for the summer, while others pointed out you’ll be ‘fresh’ all day. 

Someone else wrote: "For summer season!"

This person said: "It's for being fresh all day."

Another asked: "Air conditioning?"

While this shopper pointed out: "I get this for free in 2 days."

Fabulous Digital has reached out to Zara for comment.

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