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WITH the clocks going back, many of us are excited for an extra hours kip.

But it can completely throw your sleep cycle off and wreck havoc on when you get up.

Fortunately sleep experts have revealed the two trusted methods to not only help you get to sleep but keep you nodding off all night.

Doctor Jess went viral on Instagram for sharing the 10-3-2-1-0 formula that will finally give you a peaceful night's sleep.

10 – When to stop drinking caffeine

To start, you should try to stop drinking caffeine ten hours before you plan to go to bed.

She explained: "Caffeinated drinks will clear from the blood stream in around 10 hours and eliminate the stimulatory effects."



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3 – When to stop eating food or drinking alcohol

Any alcohol or food should be avoided three hours before bed explained the doctor to reduce the symptoms of refluxe and alcohol affects your natural sleep cycle – reducing good quality sleep.

2 – When to take a mental rest

Two hours before you hit the hay should be the time you give yourself a mental rest and write down any tasks you need to get done the next day so they aren't playing on your mind.

1 – When to stop looking at screens

The toughest of all is turning the TV off and avoiding your phone.

But you should be doing this one hour before sleep as the blue light on devices also ruins your natural sleep cycle.

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0 – Hitting the snooze button

And 0 – the number of times you'll hit snooze in the morning because you'll be feeling so refreshed.

Jess added: "Not intended for everyone based on medical history, so speak with your doctor for any concerns about sleep."

Over on TikTok, the sleep doctor, Michael Bruce, revealed the best way to get yourself back to sleep if you do struggle with waking up in the night.

He said: "One of the things people always ask me about is, what can I do in the middle of the night to get back to sleep, or if I'm having a hard time falling asleep, what is an exercise that I can do?

What to do if you wake up in the middle of the night

"My favourite is called 4-7-8 breathing."

He explained that this hack can help lower your heart rate – making you feel tired and helping you sleep quickly.

The sleep doctor says you should breathe in for four seconds, hold for seven and breathe out for eight seconds.

"What this does is it pulls all the carbon dioxide out of your lungs, puts in fresh oxygen, which means your heart has to work less and you get to fall asleep," he added.

The TikTok video posted to his account @thesleepdoctor went viral with over 100k likes and people thanked him for sharing the hack.

One person wrote: "I am so going to try! Wake up at 3 am often and cannot go back to sleep! Will keep you posted."

Another commented: "I love that technique!!! It really works!!"

"I've used this for years. As I lay there I do it & think it won't work but it does 100% of the time," penned a third.

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Meanwhile a fourth said: "Omg… tried this… it worked but I fell asleep and left the video running on a loop hours."

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