EXCLUSIVE: Yuima Nakazato Debuts Fully Circular Ready-to-Wear Line

SNAP JUDGMENT: After five years of research and development, Japanese designer Yuima Nakazato is launching his modular ready-to-wear offering, based on his proprietary “Type-1” sewing-free assembly system that allows garments to be assembled using snap-like attachments called “dots”.

“[In the future,] each and every garment will be unique and different, designed and produced for each individual. [This line] is about bringing one-of-a-kind garments to a greater number of people,” said the designer, who has been presenting his collections during Paris’ couture schedule since 2016.

Nakazato’s ready-to-wear line, which will make its debut on the his new e-commerce platform on March 17, features a single item – a deceptively simple-looking short-sleeved T-shirt, available in black or white and three sizes.

“Everyone has at least one T-shirt in their wardrobe and I wanted to offer the ease of a familiar item,” said Nakazato.

The T-shirt has been designed without any stitches using computerized 3D knitting techniques and produced using certified organic cotton. To make good on his vision of infinite possibilities accessible even to those with no sewing skills, additional elements can be attached at the neck, hem and sleeves using his snap system.

The entire Yuima Nakazato Type-1 rtw range, featuring a knit short-sleeve T-shirt, available in black or white, and over 30 options for sleeves, collars, hems and fastenings. Courtesy of Yuima Nakazato

The initial offer includes 13 sleeves, 9 collars, 9 hems and 6 different “dot” fastening types. Further items are already in development and will offer flexibility in other areas such as sizing.

Each item will be produced upon order, with an estimated delivery time of around two weeks. Worn-out items can be sent back to the label, and the yarn is processed back into its production.

“More than a product, this is a service that we are launching,” the designer added. “Normally rtw is a one-way product, but our aim is sustain the relationship until the end of the product’s lifecycle.”

A complete standard machine-knit kit containing the T-shirt and an initial set of accessories will retail for 59,000 yen, or $540 at current exchange rates, while a hand-knit version, made from upcycled kimono silk yarns, is available for 1,156,000 yen – more than $10,000.

Additional parts include a pair of sleeves made from Caudry lace sourced in France for 22,300 yen ($300).

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