Dad mortified when his fuming daughter accidentally sends him a VERY rude message

A DAD was left mortified when his seven-year-old left a very rude note on the floor – but other parents think the mishap is hilarious.

The little girl hasn't quite mastered spelling yet and mixed up the spelling of 'come' with a far more crass words.

A photo of the damning message shows a page of a notepad scrawled with the words, "Do not cum in mum."

Though the bloke was taken aback by the naughty note, he quickly saw the funny side and decided to share it online.

Writing on the Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas, the dad said: "A note my daughter left outside her bedroom door.

"I presume this message is meant for her mother as the advice is about 7 years too late for me."

Other parents were left in stitches by the little girl's hilarious spelling error.

One wrote: "Omg hahahaha crying over here ."

A second said: "Couldn’t be more obvious she doesn’t want siblings."

A third commented: "Please never delete this photo."

Couldn’t be more obvious she doesn’t want siblings.

Someone else giggled: "Wahahahahahahaha gotta love kids."

Another simply pus, "This is hilarious," while someone else chimed in, "Brilliant."

Someone else pointed out: "This is why punctuation is so important."

The post has racked up an impressive 30,000 likes with more than 1,800 comments as people rushed to tag friends and share the laughter.

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