Cleaning fanatic sticks a SOCK over her mop to cut down on pricey disposable pads and claims it works just as well

WE love a good cleaning hack – especially if it means you can use one item multiple ways which saves both time and money.

So we were completely taken by a clever cleaning fan's hack which sees her use her mop to clean hard to reach places on her walls.

But rather than buying expensive disposable pads, she pops on a sock instead and uses it to clean any stubborn marks.

The sock, she claims, works incredibly well and can be used time and time again – so it's better for the environment AND it keeps the cost down.

She shared her cleaver hack on Tik Tok which has now left many wanting to do the same.

Speaking in the video, Tik Tok user Britto said: "I use my Swiffer (mop) to clean my walls and also for a quick clean of the floors, and I use my sock".

Then she demonstrated popping the sock over the mop head saying "you just stretch it over and yank it."

She also said to make sure the sock isn't covering where the head meets the handle so that you still have the full range of motion when cleaning.

Other cleaning fans were impressed by the handy tip with many dubbing it "genius".

One person said: "oh wow, that's a really good idea. gonna have to use that one! thanks."

And another wrote: "Omg I’ve been searching for months for something reusable for the swifter and using towels why didn’t I think of this."

Meanwhile, many others said is was a great way to use up any odd socks laying around too- and we all have a secret stash somewhere.

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