Claudia Schiffer Designs Special FRAME Denim Collection in Honor of Her 50th Birthday

Aside from dropping several brand collaborations, the supermodel will be keeping things low-key on her big day due to the coronavirus pandemic. While it's not exactly what she had in mind for her 50th, Schiffer says she is thankful she'll be celebrating with family (including her husband, film producer and director Matthew Vaughn, son Caspar and daughters Clementine and Cosima).

"I’d imagined having a joint birthday party with my husband and our son turning 18 and daughter 16, thinking it would be fun for all of our friends to enjoy our shared milestone. I did not imagine that the world would be turned upside down, so we’d be celebrating just as a family," she shares, adding, "I’ll be with them, if I’m lucky on a boat with a great view, food, wine and music."

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