Cash App Unveils Apparel Line ‘Cash by Cash App’

Mobile payment service Cash App on Thursday will launch its first apparel collection, Cash by Cash App.

Cash by Cash App, designed in-house by the company’s Brand Studio team and all produced in Los Angeles, is a youthful, unisex apparel collection comprised of T-shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants, hoodies, outerwear and accessories in vibrant colors and psychedelic patterns like multicolor camouflage and parody motifs related to money.

The Eye of Providence found on the U.S. dollar bill is redone for the collection with a dollar sign tear drop, the NASA symbol replaced with the word “cash” and broken columns symbolize how Cash App has helped usher in the change in traditional banking. Prices range from $20 for a graphic T-shirt to $200 for a custom developed nylon raincoat.

Cash by Cash App Courtesy Photo

Cash App is the latest non-fashion company to produce apparel. This fall, SoundCloud launched its first fashion collection with design duo Grvty. Cash App’s goal for the collection is to further establish itself as a lifestyle brand, connecting with the Gen Z consumer.

The collection is available on in an interactive 3-D experience and will release multiple drops until Jan. 30. In addition, shoppers that pay with Cash App will receive 25 percent off of their purchase.

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