Aries Metal Monkey: What does the Chinese and Western Zodiac Sign mean?

WHEN Western astrology and Chinese astrology mesh, it can givepersonality traits to both signs and added characteristics. 

The Aries Metal Monkeys are born in 1980 between the March and April months.

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Characteristics of the Male Aries Metal Monkey

Boisterous, happy, contented boy. He just wants to have fun. 

However, he also works his boots off, has ambition the size of an amphitheater and a charm that wins over both the male and female of the species. 

Impressive then? Absolutely. There is a slight naivety with Aries men but this Monkey boy is pretty savvy and he cruises through life with an enormous grin planted on his face. 

Nothing fazes him and the more challenges the better – he has a fearsomely competitive nature behind that smiley demeanor. 

That naivety can sometimes undermine these gorgeous characters, because they want to believe that life is happy, positive, and genuine. 

But the reality is, it isn't, and once they grasp that really rather important point, they will surely soar. 

Don't underestimate the mammoth, decadent capabilities of these voraciously enthusiastic souls – they are borderline party animals. 

They just love people, love socializing and adore interaction. You cannot dislike them, they're a rare thing – really loveable, pretty ruthless, utterly driven but still gorgeous. 

If they're also good-looking, world domination awaits.

Characteristics of the Female Aries Metal Monkey

The female Aries Metal Monkey is energized and full-on. 

Work hard/play hard applies to many characters but it's particularly pertinent here. 

She's a bit of a rock 'n' roller in that there's always, always something going on. 

She wants action on every level, she wants to be active. She's great fun. However, she's damned tough. 

Her ambition isn't concealed either, she's an open book on that front and will meet any challenges head on – 'cos she loves it. 

That aforementioned ambition really is quite ferocious. 

She is pretty much a cut-throat cookie and, behind that ever-ready smile, is a searing ambition that never wanes. 

Some girls, as they progress through life, take a little detour down domestic avenue – not these girls. 

If they have to endure such a burden they will, but these girls have a career-inspired fire in their belly, which never leaves and simply has to be fed. 

Aries Metal Monkey girls never ever fail.

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