All You Need for This High-Intensity Workout Is a Chair

No matter your at-home gym set up, we’re betting you have a chair somewhere around your house. That’s all you need from this fast-moving conditioning workout from Omar Bolden, former Broncos safety and Super Bowl 50 champ, and fellow trainer Emily Meisner.

Ideally, the chair would be armless, but you can also make it work with an armchair. Just make sure that it’s sturdy and won’t slide around on the floor. Perform each of the four below exercises, resting for 15 seconds between moves. At the end of one round, rest for another 30 to 90 seconds, and repeat for a total of five.

Chair Dips with Knee to Chest

This move pairs your traditional triceps dips with knee-raises for an increased challenge on the core. The priority here is to maintain strong, engaged shoulders at all times. If you feel any discomfort in your shoulder during the triceps dips, swap out this exercise. We recommend incline close-grip pushups with mountain climbers for a similar benefit.

Do 30 seconds per leg.

Seated Squat Jumps

Harder than they look, these squat jumps involve sitting all of the way down and stopping at the bottom of each rep. Let your feet rise just a bit off of the floor with each one so that you can initiate each jump by driving feet forcefully into the floor.

Do 45 seconds continuously.

Plank-Jack Mountain Climbers

Your priority here is maintaining total-body tension with a straight, neutral spine, just like you would in a standard plank. Your arms and body should form a 90-degree angle at all times.

Do 45 seconds.

Alternating Pop Squats to Jumping Jacks

Control the movement; you should actively pull your body down into each squat.

Do 45 seconds.

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