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Are you a stylist looking to buy hair for your clients? Are you an entrepreneur interested in getting in the hair business but need the right distributor? Well look no further! QBVH can provide you with our reputable hair products at competitive pricing without the worry of conducting business with distributors so far away.

Our Wholesale Program allows you to become financially empowered and to easily join the 9 billion dollar hair industry!

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Income Potential

  • No inventory necessary but is recommended.
  • Only (2) customers per week is $500 or $2000/mo or $25,000 per year gross sales.

*Net profits will vary based on the retail prices you set for your business.

Distributor Wholesale $149

Our simple, intuitive Distributor Wholesale rewards you for loyalty. Unlike programs with lengthy, complicated contracts and large signup fees this program only requires a $149 signup to be your own boss and create unlimited income for the most important economy—you and your family’s.

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